Joyce Z. and Jacob Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies
1155 East 60th Street, Room 302A
Chicago, IL 60637

Grants available from the Greenberg Center

The Greenberg Center offers a variety of grants for students, including support for research that must be conducted outside of Chicago, funding for the presentation of research at conferences, and fellowships for the final write-up year of dissertation preparation. Other student opportunities include an undergraduate competition for best BA and course essays, funding for a graduate-student-organized conference, and funding for a graduate-student lectureship for teaching an undergraduate course in Jewish Studies. Please see the links below for information and instructions on applying.

Conference Travel Grants

Conferences Organized by Graduate Students

Dissertation-Year Fellowships

Graduate-Student Lectureship

Summer Grants for Undergraduate Students

Summer Research and Travel Grants for Graduate Students

Undergraduate BA and Course Essay Contests