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Graduate Overview

Graduate students in Jewish Studies at the University of Chicago earn their degrees in a department, school, or committee, while supplementing their disciplinary training through participation in the inter-disciplinary activities and scholarship opportunities offered by the Center. Students who wish to pursue graduate work in an area of Jewish Studies should apply to the appropriate department, school, or committee, and not to the Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies. The following departments and schools offer specialized graduate study in the following tracks or programs of Jewish Studies:

Divinity School

  • Biblical Studies
  • Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
  • Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature
  • Jewish and Christian Bible
  • History of Judaism
  • Rabbinic literature, Midrash, and mysticism
  • Medieval Jewish philosophy, thought, and literature (including Islamic philosophy)
  • Modern Jewish thought and intellectual history

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Department of Germanic Studies

  • German-Jewish Intellectual History
  • Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture

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Department of History

  • Modern Jewish History

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Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC)

  • Near Eastern Judaica (including Modern Hebrew Studies, and Hebrew Studies)
  • Northwest Semitic Philology (including Hebrew, Phoenician-Punic, Ugaritic, Aramaic, and Syriac)
  • Ancient Near Eastern History (including the ancient history of Syria-Palestine)
  • Near Eastern Art and Archaeology Modern Hebrew Language and Literature
  • Islamic History and Civilization (including the study of Jews in the Islamic world)
  • Islamic Thought (including the interaction between Jewish and Islamic thought)

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In addition, students and faculty work in specific areas of Jewish Studies in the Departments of MusicPhilosophyPolitical Science, and Slavic Languages and Literatures.

The Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies seeks to provide a common space in which graduate students of all disciplines working in the diverse areas of Jewish Studies can participate in a rich and lively intellectual community. We are now in the course of planning inter-disciplinary graduate courses, lectures and conferences, and graduate workshops and seminars for faculty and students. The faculty of the Center can also guide students to the multiple opportunities for the study of Judaism and Jewish culture available across the university. In addition, the Center awards research and travel grants and dissertation year fellowships to students in any department and school working on topics related to Jewish Studies. Prospective and current students should keep in mind that, given the deeply ingrained interdisciplinary culture of the University of Chicago, their opportunities for study and research can range across the entire faculty in addition to the resources of their home department or unit. Although each program has its own requirements, students typically take courses and seminars in departments other than their own, and dissertation committees often include faculty from multiple departments, thus reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of graduate study at this university. Please consult the section of this webpage (under People) entitled Interdisciplinary Clusters of Strength for examples of the potential opportunities for cross-departmental and inter-disciplinary work that are available. The Director and faculty of the Center will be happy to discuss opportunities for inter-disciplinary work in Jewish Studies with interested students.