Joyce Z. and Jacob Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies
1155 East 60th Street, Room 302A
Chicago, IL 60637

Jerusalem Study Abroad Program

As part of its Study Abroad programs, the College now offers a spring-quarter Jerusalem program that provides students with an opportunity to study Middle Eastern Civilizations in one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Jerusalem brings alive the ancient and modern expressions of the three major Western religious traditions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam— whose adherents have long struggled to coexist within the city’s rugged limestone walls. The three-course Civilizations sequence presents a historical survey of the sacred city and its topographies of monotheism. Classroom work is supplemented by weekly excursions to sites of historical interest both within Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. Participants also take a fourth course in “practical” Modern Hebrew or Arabic language at the appropriate level. Although the Jerusalem program is not directed by the Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies, students can receive credit toward the major and the minor in Jewish Studies for the courses offered in Jerusalem.

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