Date / TimeLocationDescription
September 25, 2017
Swift Hall, Room 201Jacqueline Vayntrub - Sketching a Poetics of Description in Biblical Literature
Jacqueline Vayntrub is assistant professor of biblical studies at Brandeis University. She received her PhD from the University of Chicago (NELC) in 2015. Her first book, Beyond Orality: Performance a...
October 03, 2017
Social Science Research, Tea RoomEva Hoffman - 'AFTER GREAT WRONGS: Thinking about the Legacy of the Holocaust Today'
Award-winning writer Eva Hoffman will deliver the Leo and Sarah (Bunny) Horvitz Memorial Lecture, speaking about the pre-Holocaust past, especially with respect to Jewish life in Poland, and the post-...
October 16, 2017
Swift Hall, Third Floor Lecture RoomThe Celebration of the Zohar: Pritzker Edition
The Zohar is the keystone of Kabbalah and a hidden gem of religious literature. Composed in Spain in the 13th century, it penetrates the Torah and reveals deeper layers of meaning. Among its concepts ...
March 07, 2018
Swift Hall, Common RoomBrauer Seminar: 'Roundtable on Religion, Gender and Sexuality'
Religion, Gender and Sexuality Roundtable
The Brauer Seminar

Coordinated by Divinity School faculty members Sarah Fredericks, Sarah Hammerschlag, and Angie Heo

With a roundtable event about th...