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New Publications by Greenberg Center members

The Greenberg Center is pleased to acknowledge the new research published by our faculty members and graduate students. Read more about the work of PhD students Chelsie May, Michal Peles-Almagor and Joel Swanson.

Chelsie May, Ph.D. candidate (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) has published the article, “ 'Girls of the Eastern Communities:’ The Intersectionality of Female Arab Jewish Immigrants in Israel-Palestine, 1947-1960,” in The Journal of Jewish Identities (July 2018). A link to the article can be found here.

Michal Peles-Almagor, Ph.D. candidate (Comparative Literature) has published the article, " 'Here is a Different Place': Lieland, Speech, and Hebrew Literary Space," in BGU Review, A Journal of Israeli Culture 5 (2018). The invited article was based on a paper she gave at our Keret Happy Campers conference in 2015 and a link to the article can be found here.

Joel Swanson, a PhD student (Divinity-History of Judaism), just published an article, "We Spring from that History: Bernard Lazare, between Universalism and Particularism," in the journal Religions (2018). The article is part of the Special Issue "Religion and Modern Jewish Thought," with guest editor, University of Chicago Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr. Find a link to the article here.