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Ilana Pardes



Ilana Pardes is the Katharine Cornell Professor of Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is the author of Countertraditions in the Bible: A Feminist Approach (Harvard University Press, 1992), The Biography of Ancient Israel: National Narratives in the Bible (University of California Press, 2000), Melville's Bibles (University of California, 2008); Agnon's Moonstruck Lovers: The Song of Songs in Israeli Culture (The Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies, University of Washington Press, 2013), The Song of Songs: A Biography (Lives of Great Religious Books, Princeton University Press, 2019) and Ruth: A Migrant Tale (Yale University Press,  Jewish Lives series, 2022).

As Joyce Z. and Jacob Greenberg Professor of Jewish Studies this autumn, Prof. Pardes taught two courses. The first was an advanced undergraduate/graduate course entitled "The Book of Ruth: Bible, Literature, Gender"; the second was a graduate seminar entitled "Biblical Politics: Literature, History, Political Thought." She also spoke on her newest book, Ruth: A Migrant Tale, at a public event on November 14.

Greenberg Visiting Professors are funded through a generous endowment established by Joyce Zeger Greenberg. For a list of past Greenberg visiting professors, click on this link.