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Yivdak by Jonathan White




The debut of Yivdak, an original play written and directed by TAPS and JWSC major Jonathan White of the Class of 2022, took place at the FXK Theater of Reynolds Club on April 30 and May 1.

A recording of the May 1 performance can be seen here. Congratulations to Jonathan!










Yivdak: For the poor weaver Yivdak, the faith he keeps within his heart struggles against his better judgment; however, this struggle is not due to a lack of belief but rather a lack of self-worth. How do we reconcile personal emotion and social tradition?

Written & directed by Jonathan White
Stage Manager - Naomi Scherer
Music Composition & Direction - Elena Gill
Costume Design - Anna German
Set Design - Rea Brown
Lighting Design - Mary Mouton


Yivdak - Benjamin White
Zahara - Emma Linderman
Nitzkah - Allison Kanter
Simeon - Zander Galluppi
Shevora - Valerie Zhao
Netush - Brandon Zang
Jared - Belle Nahoom
Jeremiah - John Delaloye

Produced in collaboration with the Department of Theater & Performance Studies and the Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies