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Language Courses

Language Courses 2018-19

Many language courses are listed with undergraduate-level numbers but can also be taken for credit by graduate students.

HEBR 10101-10102-10103. Elementary Classical Hebrew I-II-III
(= JWSC 22000-22100-22200)
Stuart Creason
The purpose of this three-quarter sequence is to enable the student to read biblical Hebrew prose with a high degree of comprehension. The course is divided into two segments: (1) the first two quarters are devoted to acquiring the essentials of descriptive and historical grammar (including translation to and from Hebrew, oral exercises, and grammatical analysis); and (2) the third quarter is spent examining prose passages from the Hebrew Bible and includes a review of grammar.

HEBR 10501-10502-10503. Introductory Modern Hebrew I-II-III
(= JWSC 25000-25100-25200)
Ari Almog
This three quarter course introduces students to reading, writing, and speaking modern Hebrew. All four language skills are emphasized: comprehension of written and oral materials; reading of nondiacritical text; writing of directed sentences, paragraphs, and compositions; and speaking. Students learn the Hebrew root pattern system and the seven basic verb conjugations in both the past and present tenses, as well as simple future. At the end of the year, students can conduct short conversations in Hebrew, read materials designed to their level, and write short essay.

HEBR 15001. Elementary Hebrew in Jerusalem.
HEBR 15002. Elementary Hebrew in Jerusalem.
HEBR 15003. Intermediate Hebrew in Jerusalem.
HEBR 15004. Intermediate Hebrew in Jerusalem.
HEBR 15005. Advanced Hebrew in Jerusalem.
HEBR 15006. Advanced Hebrew in Jerusalem.

HEBR 20104-20105-20106. Intermediate Classical Hebrew I-II-III.
(= JWSC 22300-22400-22500)
Dennis Pardee
A continuation of Elementary Classical Hebrew. The first quarter consists of reviewing grammar, and of reading and analyzing further prose texts. The last two quarters are devoted to an introduction to Hebrew poetry with readings from Psalms, Proverbs, and the prophets.

HEBR 30001-30002-30003. Intensive Modern Hebrew I-II-III
Ari Almog
In this intensive, three-quarter sequence course student will gain skills corresponding to two full years of study. The course brings students to high-intermediate levels in all four skills: reading, writing, comprehension and grammar so that students can enter third-year level courses in Reading Modern Hebrew. With the main emphasis this course places on grammar, students that graduates this course successfully can enter third-year level courses in Reading Modern Hebrew.

YDDH 10100-10200-10300. Elementary Yiddish I-II-III
(=JWSC 20300-20400-20500)
Jessica Kirzane

YDDH 22000/32000. Yiddish Literature in America
(= JWSC 27650)
Jessica Kirzane
This course examines a wide range of Yiddish literary production in America.  We will read poetry and prose from authors such as Sholem Aleichem, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Yenta Serdatsky, Morris Rosenfeld, I. J. Schwartz, Moyshe Leyb Halpern, Celia Dropkin, Lamed Shapiro, Joseph Opatoshu, Fradl Shtok, Jacob Glatstein, and Blume Lempel.  We will explore themes of displacement, intergenerational conflict, race, and gender.  Readings are in English translation.

ARAM 10101-10102-10103. Aramaic (Biblical Aramaic, Old Aramaic Inscriptions, Imperial Aramaic)                                                                                              (=JWSC 11000-11100-11200)
Stuart Creason